We are a family based business specializing in the gifting world. While running another gifting business for eight years in Springfield, Missouri, we kept hearing many, many customers share with us that they wished for more options for the men in their lives. So, we got to thinking. And the more we thought, the more excited we got. And from all that thinking came Manly Cans. We scoured high and low to find the coolest cans we could. We interviewed many men to learn more about the products they would want in a gift can. And, we sought out many local vendors to partner with for the products we needed.

One of the biggest challenges we saw was that while there are other “gift basket” type companies out there, very, very few let you pick what is added to your package. While creating some additional challenges, they were challenges we were willing to take on in order to guarantee the recipient is getting gifts he actually wants. So, after picking your pre-loaded can, you will be given an opportunity to add additional products to be included in your can that you know your recipient will love. Offering nationwide shipping, local hand delivery and a pickup location in Springfield, MO, our mission is to spoil men with cool stuff they actually want in reusable packaging. We continue to research additional products and cans we can bring to you in the future. The possibilities are endless!