UnCanning: Protein Can

Troyer – Hickory Beef Jerky Burger’s – Smokehouse Beef Sticks Redneck Nutz – Cheddar Bacon Burger’s – Old Style Summer Sausage Troyer – Cheddar Cheese Redneck Nutz – Cinnamon Sugar Cashews Cliff – Protein Bar Troyer – Spicy Hot Pepper Cheese Redneck Nutz – Smoky BBQ Burger’s – Smokehouse Snack Sticks

UnCanning: Smocan Hot

here is the list of items Troyer’s – Spicy Beef Jerky Float Trip Pickles Red Top Oven – Spicy Jalapeno Jam Crawdad’s – Classic 3 Pepper Hot Sauce Troyer’s – Hot Pepper Cheese The Grove – Hot Salsa Verde Smoke This – Spicy Chipotle BBQ Sauce Redneck Nutz – Sriracha & Garlic Redneck Nutz – […]

UnCanning: Weekcan Warrior

Brim’s Original Pork Rinds Boozie Kingdom Coffee ManlyCan Brew Redneck Nutz – Buba’s Smoky BBQ Redneck Nutz – AJ’s Siracha & Garlic Redneck Nutz – Cousin Miller’s Ghost Pepper Redneck Nutz – Cheddar Bacon Troyer’s – Spicy Beef Jerky Beer Nuts Burgers’ Snack Sticks – Pork & Beef Burgers’ Snack Sticks – Smokehouse Burgers’ Beef Sticks – […]

UnCanning: Snackage Can

Troyer Hickory Beef Jerky Corn Nuts Cracker Jacks Gardettos Funyuns Turkey Creek Pork Rinds Planters Sweet & Salty Trail Mix Burgers’ Snack Sticks – Pork & Beef Burgers’ Beef Sticks – Snack Pack Peanut Butter Clif Builder Bar Bugles Are you laughing at the 1 Gallon and 4 Gallon Snackage Manly Cans knowing they will never fill […]

UnCanning: Nut Can

Beer Nuts Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll Wonderful Pistachios Dakota Style Jumbo Sunflower Seeds Our Nut Can is a protein punch to the face. Perfect for those hangry moments. Send this Manly Can to the man in your life and they’ll be energized by these high protein munchies. With or without beer, Beer Nuts provide a unique […]

UnCanning: Emergican

Jumper Cables Macadoodles Bottle Opener LED Heavy Duty Flashlight Utility Knife Disposable/Liner Gloves Scotch Multi Purpose Duct Tape Power Bank Bungee Cord EZ-Pour This is the EmergiCAN. This gift is perfect for giving your man everything he will need in an emergency.  It’s a survivor kit that is great for your adventurous man or for […]

UnCanning: Lil’ Man Can

Our Lil’ Man Can is the perfect way initiate a newborn baby boy into the Manly Cans family. With super cool and unique goodies including a ripped out Superman onesie, a fashionable tuxedo bib, a pacifier with a mustache (looks really impressive with the tuxedo bib), a tube of the most awesomest diaper ointment and a […]

Uncanning: BBQ Can

Man Law Digital Instant Read Gauge Man Law Foldable Spatula Man Law Foldable Fork Norpro Hamburger Press Jalapeño Corer Oakridge BBQ – Santa Maria Grill Seasoning R Butts R Smokin’ – Butt Kick’n Chicken Seasoning Simply Marvelous – Spicy Apple Seasoning Bear Paws BBQ Shredding Tool Smoke This BBQ Sauce Kansas City Style EAT BARBECUE […]

UnCanning: CANivore Can

Let your carnivorous man sink his teeth into this 1 Gallon CANivore Manly Can. The 1 Gallon CANivore has the perfect meat selection for the carnivore in your life. Not enough meat? Check out our 4 Gallon CANivore Manly Can. Troyer Hickory Beef Jerky is expertly hand-carved for the best flavor and then thoroughly marinated. […]

UnCanning: Techy Can

4 Gallon Can USB Car Charger Sticky Pad Ear Buds Flash Drive Power Bank This 4 gallon Techy Can offers your tech savvy guy a great combination of some of Manly Can’s top technological gadgets. The universal USB car charger will charge two devices at the same time. His and hers you might say. The Sticky Pad sits […]