1 Gallon Coffee Can Mix

Redneck Nutz - Muddy Almonds

A blend of coffee & cocoa with a little sweetness, makes this almond irresistible! Copper Canyon Coffee Roaster's Breakfast Blend is used on the almonds.


Redneck Nutz - Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

This 3 ounce, resealable pouch is perfect on the go. An assortment of 3 different chocolates used to cover whole coffee beans. A chocolate fix with a kick of energy.

Faro Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee

Santa Bag Upgrade – optional

Redneck Nutz - Sissy's Cin'mon Sugar Cashews – optional

Whole cashews coated in cinnamon and sugar, a winning combination for sure.

Clif - Peanut Butter Builder Bar – optional

Let him prove himself with a 20 gram Clif Protein Bar fueling his muscles.

Pocket Knife – optional

Twine - Wooden Handled Church Key – optional

Let him get to his bottles quicker and easier with this bottle opener.

Jordan Essentials - Beard Oil – optional

Keep your man's beard from looking like a cat straight out of the dryer by including Jordan Essentials Beard Oil.


  • 12 oz. Faro Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee
  • Redneck Nutz Muddy Almonds
  • 8oz. Got your Six Mustang Coffee
  • Redneck Nuts Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

A caffeinated man is a Manly Man. This 1 gallon can holds one 8 oz. bag of local Midwest coffee from Got Your Six Coffee where they give a portion of their profits to veterans and first responders. It also comes with Redneck Nutz Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans with 3 different chocolate varieties and a package of their Muddy Almonds with a perfect balance of coffee grounds and chocolate. Also included is a 12 oz. bag of Faro organic coffee! Perfect balance of goodies for a coffee loving guy.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 9 x 6 in