.30 Caliber | Coffee Can

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Santa Bag Upgrade – optional

Pocket Knife – optional

Clif - Peanut Butter Builder Bar – optional

Let him prove himself with a 20 gram Clif Protein Bar fueling his muscles.

Twine - Wooden Handled Church Key – optional

Let him get to his bottles quicker and easier with this bottle opener.

Jordan Essentials - Beard Oil – optional

Keep your man's beard from looking like a cat straight out of the dryer by including Jordan Essentials Beard Oil.


  • 8oz. Travellers Signature Medium Roast Coffee
  • 8oz. Eurasia Coffee Arabian Morning
  • 8oz. Got your Six Mustang Coffee

A caffeinated man is a Manly Man. This .30 Caliber Ammo Can holds three 8 oz. bags of local Midwest coffee with chocolate, citrus, and vanilla aromas, slight nutty undertones, balanced acidity and body, and other natural flavors, carrying just enough variety for your coffee-loving man. Want more? We also have a .50 Caliber Ammo Coffee Can that includes a Manly Cans tumbler.


Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 11.25 x 8.75 x 4 in