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Compost Can Plus Add Ons


Compost Can Empty

Composting Book

Compost Bags

Compost Filter

Oakridge BBQ - Santa Maria Grill Seasoning

The Oakridge BBQ Santa Maria Grill Seasoning combines a variety of herbs and spices to create a unique take on a California classic BBQ flavor.

Duck Fat Spray

Duck fat comes from French cuisine, where a little-known secret about the French paradox originates. The French are thinner and have half the reported heart problems than Americans, though they eat meats and fats. Duck fat is the most common animal fat eaten in the southwestern region of France, where reported heart problems are half that of the rest of France.

GMO Free -- Gluten Free

This gourmet duck fat cooking oil spray is the only duck fat spray available in the world! It is all natural with no added preservatives or artificial ingredients. It has a high smoke point making it safe and easier to use. It is high in unsaturated fat with 20% less saturated fat than butter. There is no need to refrigerate this spray. It is reusable and has a very long shelf life. This product is made of 100% recyclable material and is Made in the USA.

Garlic Press

Crawdad's Classics Three Pepper Gourmet Hot Sauce – optional

Non-GMO, gluten free, all natural, no MSG. "It don't get no better than this!"

Troyer- Hot Pepper Cheese – optional

Troyer Hot Pepper Cheese is a smooth blend of natural american and monterey pepper jack cheese with the perfect amount of heat.

Troyer Cheddar Cheese – optional

Smooth, creamy and shelf stable!


The Compost Can is the perfect starting kit for a guy wanting to start composting plus a few fun kitchen additions. This Manly Can includes a 1 gallon, stainless steal, heavy duty, counter top compost can, biodegradable bags for the can, replacement filters for the can and a book about composting to help him become an expert in no time. In addition, the Compost Can Plus also includes Duck Fat Spray, Oakridge Santa Maria Seasoning and a super cool garlic press that allows you to mash garlic and remove the outer coating without touching it!

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 12 in