• Jumper Cables
  • Macadoodles Bottle Opener
  • LED Heavy Duty Flashlight
  • Utility Knife
  • Disposable/Liner Gloves
  • Scotch Multi Purpose Duct Tape
  • Power Bank
  • Bungee Cord
  • EZ-Pour

This is the EmergiCAN. This gift is perfect for giving your man everything he will need in an emergency.  It’s a survivor kit that is great for your adventurous man or for a man to keep in his car. All products are high end, heavy duty and a necessity for everyone.

The gloves are a great extra layer to add under any gloves or are great for dirty-one-time uses. A flat bungee cord to prevent rolling. One 12 foot, medium-duty jumper cables with storage bag. The flashlight is sturdy, LED, drop tested to 15 feet, water resistant and has a convenient handle. The Scotch duct tape is great for everyday repairs around the house and shop. The power bank provides a phone charge backup when no electricity is available. The utility knife comes with 5 replacement blades. All loaded in a burlap bag and our 6 gallon galvanized can with lid.