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Our packaging is designed to be reused! All of the loot is packed in a burlap bag and our greeting card is a coaster! And don’t forget the many can options which add even more value to your gift!

You can also add additional items to your Manly Can during checkout!

Manly Cans

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Chrissy Geuin
Chrissy Geuin


Love the SuperDuperDiaperDoo!Grandchild has had it used his entire (1 year) life and has NEVER had a diaper rash! Ever!� Cute gifts!�read more
Curtis Copple
Curtis Copple


Gave my dad smo'can manly can for fathers day. Best beef jerky he has had in awhile. The peanuts are awesome, ghost pepper when you want a kick, and sriracha if you want to snack on some peanuts!

Haven't gone through the rest yet but he is excited to make some peanut butter and jalepeno jam sandwich!

I am thinking of picking a different one for my little nephew these are awesome!read more

Greg Nowosatka
Greg Nowosatka


Just got my can today enjoying the snack at work
Kori Little
Kori Little


The owner was so nice and helpful. She helped me build a perfect box for my husband. I would recommend them to anyone. Product was awesome, service was awesome, and my husband kept commenting that he loved it.read more
April Lynn
April Lynn


Amazing work!!! I ordered last minute (yesterday) the prices are very realistic for the service and products delivered. I will definitely be purchasing for future holidays/birthdays. Thank you guys so much!!read more
Dot Boyd Soldavini
Dot Boyd Soldavini


My husband received a Manly Can for Christmas & loved it!!
Eleanor Barnett Beasley
Eleanor Barnett Beasley


This is the best idea ever! Such a treat for the man who has everything!
Maegan York
Maegan York


Very impressed with your service from start to finish!
Colin Anthony
Colin Anthony


What an awesome company. Great products and cool to receive as a gift.
Jeff Giffin
Jeff Giffin


I love that you can take a can and add other items to it that are not part of the package. I was able to take a canivore and add BBQ items as well.read more
Judy N Bill Poland
Judy N Bill Poland


Bought two cans at Father's Day, my step dad and Father in Law both kept talking about how they weren't going to share their beef jerky and other snacks and they kept going on and on what they were planning on doing with the cammo cans! They absolutely LOVED their gifts! YaY!read more
Erin Lee Smith
Erin Lee Smith


Thank you so much for this unique and fun custom gift. My husband loved his can! Local delivery, something new and just for the guys....this was such a treat and won't be the last time I order!read more
Kellie Goggins
Kellie Goggins


I bought one for my brother and he LOVED everything in it, including the can it came in! Impeccable business and incredible product!read more
Kim Adams
Kim Adams


Wow, these are awesome!!! So fun, love the gift idea, and SUPER fast delivery!!! Thank you for your product!!read more

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CANivore Cans

The CANivore Manly Can is perfect for the carnivorous man in your life. Troyer’s thoroughly marinated hickory beef jerky pairs well with Burger’s Sausage, Pork and Beef sticks for the perfect combination of salty, meaty snacks.

Snackage Cans

A sure way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and this Manly Can is guaranteed to make his heart and tummy happy. Packed with protein and salty goodness, the snack sticks, peanuts, protein bar and more are sure to satisfy any man in need of a quick and fulfilling snack.

WeekCAN Warrior Cans

Is your man ready for a break? Our 6 Gallon WeekCan Warrior Can lets your man kick back by giving him everything he needs to treat himself to the perfect weekend unwind. Toss him the remote, and he’ll be one happy couch potato.

BBQ Cans

Ready to fire up the smoker or grill? The 6 Gallon Manly Can has the perfect mix of BBQ tools, including an instant read thermometer, fold-able spatula and fork, jalapeno corer and hamburger press. Don’t forget the rubs and sauces! Add some garlic, pepper, spicy chile, or sweet & savory flavors to your man’s next fiery masterpiece as well!

Beer Can

The perfect combination. Fill this can with ice and his favorite long neck beverages and use the Manly Cans Koozies to keep them cool. Add in the awesome snackage and he has a great afternoon ahead. Add more Manly Can Koozies at checkout to be sure there are enough for all!

Smo'CAN Hot Cans

With this Manly Can, the man in your life can stay “SmoCan” Hot every season! For the spicy and fun-loving guy, the Smo’Can Hot Manly Can features many products from the Ozarks, such as Crawdad’s Classics Hot Sauce and Red Oven Strawberry Jalapeno Jam, to Troyer’s Spicy Beef Jerky and Hot Pepper Cheese, spicy pickles, peanuts, and more! With close to ten different tasty items, this manly can is guaranteed to have his taste buds sizzlin’ with flavor and spice!

Coffee Cans

A caffeinated man is a Manly Man. Six Coffee Cans to choose from with an assortment of can options, coffees, goodies and a Manly Cans tumbler.

Protein Cans

Bulk up, man up, and feel the muscle with our Protein Can. Perfect for outdoor adventures, workout energy, or a survive-the-afternoon pick me up, this can is packed with an amazing assortment of high protein snacks. Fulfill your hunger with Troyer’s Beef Jerky and Hot Pepper Cheese, Burger’s Pork Sticks, Beef Sticks, and Sausage Chub, Redneck Peanuts and Cashews, and a Clif Peanut Butter protein bar to top it off.

Fishing Cans

Our Trophy Fishing Can will have your man “reeling” with manliness. For the novice, the casual camper, or the hero dad, this Manly Can will help him tackle a number of tasks on his next fishing trip. In addition to fishing gear, the galvanized minnow bucket is impressive in that it has two parts to make draining easier! Want a little less? This can is also available in a smaller size, the It’s a Keeper Manly Can.

Hunting Bucket

Is your man an avid hunter? We have the perfect can for your man….well in this case it’s a bucket that also converts into a pivoting seat. Stock your man up with snacks, as well as all the practical necessities for his next hunting trip.

College Care Can

Finally, a can perfect for your College Man. Make sure your man is stocked up and taken care of during his late night study sessions for midterms and finals, with the 1 gallon College Care Can. This can is full of delicious study snacks as well as a jump drive to back up all his important work.

Nut Can

Our Nut Can is a protein punch to the face– perfect for those hangry moments. Send this Manly Can to the man in your life and they’ll be energized by these high protein munchies.

CANniversary Ice Bucket

Ok ladies, we totally had you in mind with this CANiversary Manly Can. The perfect anniversary gift for the celebrating couple. A sweet ice bucket with scoop for future use, a cool looking corkscrew he won’t mind carrying and the meats and cheeses to compliment that bottle of bubbly. This galvanized ice bucket with liner will look great on the counter and at events. The Troyer cheeses and Burgers’ sausage chub just need some crackers and you will be set for the evening. Happy Anniversary! Happy Wedding! Happy Engagement! Happy Just Because!

Lil' Man Can

Our Lil’ Man Can is the perfect way initiate a newborn baby boy into the Manly Cans family. With super cool and unique goodies including a ripped out Superman onesie, a fashionable tuxedo bib, a pacifier with a mustache (looks really impressive with the tuxedo bib), a tube of the most awesomest diaper ointment and a blue it’s a boy cigar just for fun. All packed in our traditional burlap bag and our 1 gallon galvanized can with lid. Of course, he will also receive his very first Man Card (greeting card) with your personalized message on the back.

Techy Can

The 4 gallon Techy Can offers your tech-savvy guy a great combination of some of Manly Can’s top technological gadgets.


It’s a fixer-upper! This gift is essential to give your man everything he will need in case of an emergency. The survival kit is great for your adventurous man or just for him to keep in his car. All products are high end, heavy duty and a necessity for everyone.